This here's a little diary of doing. My transformation from lazy sloth Sara to not as lazy sloth Sara...via the wacky world of running. Right now I'm training for my very first half marathon & I'm raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society along the way.

My friends call me Dipity...short for Sarandipity...and this is how I

I got a special delivery in the mail today! My bone marrow donor packet! Inside are lots of informative literature & the cheek swabs to send back. 

Fingers crossed I’ll get to help someone in need. :) 

Interested in becoming a donor too? Click HERE. :) 

After finding a recipe on Pinterest (of freakin’ course! ;) of a delicious lookin’ tuna melt I couldn’t get it out of my head. 

I remember having tuna melts like this somewhere but for the life of me I can’t remember where. Oh old age…you fart eating devil, you.

While my mind raked & raked trying to remember this epic melting of tuna I once gobbled up, I gathered my ingredients….

I wanted this tuna melt to be healthy…not “diet-y” but nutritious. I’m fiercely anti-diet —- eating crap like seeds and sprouts and items a squirrel would like just isn’t something I can get into.

I had some veggies left over from a stir fry I made earlier in the week so I chopped up some carrots, broccoli & onion pretty small…

Then I added two pouches of tuna….

And a couple dollops of low fat mayo…roughly a couple tablespoons…it’s always better to start with less…a overly mayo-ed salad is the ick…

Then I mixed it all up & got this….tuna salad! Oh, make sure you season it now too wtih some salt & pepper….

After all that I took out my bread & toasted it up a bit. I like doing this when I’m putting mushy salads on top…the crisper bread makes for a stronger base….

It also shows you that your stovetop sucks…

While my bread toasted up I sliced a tomato…be sure to have a super sharp knife for this part…I LOVE my Rachael Ray Furi knife. :)

Time to assemble! I tried it two ways…one with the cheese down first (ideally you’d want slices of cheese for this but all I had was shredded…which actually worked pretty a-okay)…..and one with the cheese on top. As far as taste went I thought the cheese on the top was yummier…

Pop them in the oven (which I had preheating at 350 degrees)…hopefully your oven isn’t right outta a scene from The Help…

And after about 7ish minutes (keep checking them) along with a minute under the broiler they looked like this…

And OMG are they DELISH!! I was uber happy with the results and clocking in at around 160 calories each…they’re nutritious (remember those extra veggies we added…which I really didn’t notice in the overall taste of it….along with the multi-grain bread)…packed with protein which is a great thing after a workout and they taste decadent! :) 

Here’s my running diary from today…March 18th, 2012! :)

Yup. This.

Yup. This.


Well the last week in Saraland was a rough one. After a whole lotta dramaz & tears I officially dissolved Team Sara/h…hence this spiffy new blog…where I’ll continue to document my half marathon journey…albeit solo.

I won’t get into the details of what happened to get to the point of walking away from my “team” and “friend” but it was one of the most disrespectful & frustrating experiences I’ve had in a loooong time. I know that people say you can’t get along with everyone…but I always want to give everyone a fair shot. Too bad I sometimes end up shooting myself in the foot.

Cue a heavy sigh. I guess I’m still pretty shook up about it all. 

Still….gotta breathe out the past & breathe in the future…..deep breaths! 

Sadly my future no longer includes a trip to San Diego to run my first half marathon…but that’s a’right….because now I’ll be traveling a shorter jaunt up to Green Bay, Wisconsin on May 20th….& I’m pretty a-okay with that….it looks like SO MUCH FUN! Plus, the fundraising goal is a lot less so I’ll be able to breathe easy knowing I’m sitting pretty in that department. And my family & friends will be there to support me…which is gonna be sahhhweeet! :)


Today I’m planning on doing some shopping and then a leisurely run to try & go 5 miles…my furthest ever. 

I’ll be back to tell the tale……fingers crossed! ;)